Thursday, November 03, 2005

Why does life hurt some and kiss some?

LIFE: That mysterious force that propels us from birth to death.

When life circumstances gets us down, some of us go down. Some stand up and punch it in the face. Where does that inner force come from?

You read about the kid from the ghetto who defies all odds and becomes CEO of his own company; the woman who was battered and abused and then starts a foundation to help other women to overcome their own battered situations; the cancer victim who refuses to be a victim and walks to raise money for research in spite of the odds. So many people in adverse situations rising to punch their troubles in the face.

For most people, if there is no challenge, there is no fight. Once faced with an obstacle, then they rise to the challenge and find strength to overcome adversity. People are surprised as hell when they are successful in defying the odds and landing the knockout punch.

We all come from somewhere that isn't perfect. We just need the catalyst to overcome it all.
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