Thursday, October 27, 2005

MassEquality needs you!

So, if you live in Massachusetts..........

MassEquality needs your help! We will ask voters to sign postcards which we will hand-deliver to state legislators. They need to hear our opposition to the new and extreme anti-gay amendment on which our opponents are collecting signatures.

Volunteer to gather signatures at the polls.
Tuesday, November 8thTime: Morning Shift 7 - 9 AMEvening Shift: 5 - 8 PM

Visit to choose a location and sign up to volunteer.

I have signed up for the Evening Shift at the Bentley School in Salem, Mass. The next couple of years are very important in Massachusetts. The rights of our gay citizens to marry will continue to be attacked and the next time it can come on the ballot will be in 2008. We must be vigilant to make sure that this right is not taken away.

On a personal note, I am just against discrimination of any kind. I am firmly behind the concept of separation of church and state. All citizens must enjoy equal rights under the law of the state. Churches can believe whatever they want; just keep it inside their church and don't force other people to conform to it. I don't care what you do in your church if it is not against the law; so let me live my life the way I want.

So, Amen sisters and brothers! Volunteer if you live in Massachusetts.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Refugee and Me

So, I've taken a Hurricane Katrina evacuee into my castle as a houseguest. It's a long story, suffice to say I'm soft hearted.

El is a 45 year old hotel employee who packed a couple of days clothes in a beach bag expecting to ride out the hurricane at the Sheraton Hotel where she worked. She has never been able to return home. The hotel management company that she works for offered jobs to all their evacuated employees at hotels around the country, flew them there, and put them up in hotel rooms. Poor El is 1500 miles from home, her family and friends are scattered around the country, and she is trying to work through the worst case of government bullshit that I could ever imagine.

Between FEMA and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it is a wonder that this poor woman hasn't had a complete nervous breakdown. I am ready to send the Castle Corsairs to storm the Governor's office and force him to DO.SOMETHING.FOR.THIS.WOMAN. All she wants is to get a Mass. Drivers License so that she can register a donated car and have some transportation.

After much publicity about 'Operation Helping Hand' and how Massachusetts has set up a process to facilitate the evacuees that have landed on our shores, I can attest that THE.SYSTEM.IS.NOT.WORKING. If Mitt Romney runs for President and gets elected, it will just be more Dubya all over again.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

A couple of days in NYC.....

Or My Further Adventures down the Rabbit Hole......

I saw two good plays on my whirlwind visit to The Big Apple. Went to the Empire State Pride Agenda dinner on Thursday night. Met a couple of friends for dinner & theater Friday night. In between there were terrorist threats on the subway system and Penn Station shut down because of a Pepsi bottle with green stuff in it. So much excitement!!

SLUT, A Musical Comedy at the American Actors Theatre
This play was great fun with a wonderful cast of singers and comedians. Two of the leads originated roles in Altar Boyz. But everything comes back to Queer as Folk, right? The main character, The Stud, loses his ability to maintain an erection and it all comes back by divine intervention with a spotlight aimed at his crotch…..shades of Brian Kinney!!

Cycling Past the Matterhorn at The Clurman Theater
A comedic drama exploring the mother/daughter relationship starring Shirley Knight who is just delightful as a woman whose husband has left after 37 years and her daughter is also looking for some independence. As a mother with one daughter, I could really relate to this subject….LOL!

The Empire State Pride Agenda Dinner on 10/06/05

First of all this is the kind of political organization that I believe should be in all states. Pride Agenda provides support and works to get gay candidates elected to office and also works to pass legislation to ensure GLBT rights are written into law. The positive energy that filled the ballroom was literally crackling in the air. It was very exciting just to be there talking with so many people about a cause they so deeply believe in. And just so you know I am still the shallow person you know and love, I also was very happy to just be in a room with about 1,000 beautiful gay men in suits….. *sigh*

I went with a friend who is very active in GLBT affairs in Albany and is co-chair of Capital Pride 2006. She is great company and we talked to all kinds of people at the cocktail reception before dinner. The Awards Ceremony and Dinner was wonderful -- Gina Gershon, Al Franken, Mario Cantone, Randy Harrison, Carson Kressly and most of the Queer Eye guys, a host of local NY politicos including Elliot Spitzer-- the Democratic candidate for governor in the next election, and Rufus Wainwright and Billy Porter sang. A lot of money was raised that night to help this great organization continue their mission.
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