Friday, March 31, 2006

I finally caught up with the first 3 episodes of Season 6 of the Sopranos. There will be five more this season; then 6 in January 2007; then it is ovah! *sob*

The Sopranos just isn't the same without Tony so having him in a coma and wandering around in his dreams as Kevin Finnerty just didn't do it for me. And Carmela was looking a little too matronly as the grieving wife. Thank Gawd Tony has come back from lala land. I look forward to him kicking some of those whiny tough guys right in the butt!

This is a show that I didn't even watch until the second season and then only to check out what everyone was talking about. I was hooked right from the opening scene. What is it about this show that even people like myself, who hate violence, get sucked in and can't stop watching?

I've seen Tony commit the most gruesome murders without even flinching and then cry to his psychiatrist about how his feelings are hurt by his mother's lack of love. Carmela plays the part of perfect wife, mother, and society matron and then goes to a woman lawyer's office to get a college reference for Meadow and subtly threatens her with Tony's wrath (all the while offering a homemade ricotta pie with a smile on her face).

It's the contradiction that pulls me in everytime.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Countess goes to the Erotic Museum

No visit to South Beach is complete without an excursion to The Erotic Museum. Miss Naomi has gathered a most impressive collection of erotica which includes artifacts from days of olde to modern times, including the penis rocking chair from the movie "2001 Space Odyssey". There are many touches of whimsey throughout the extensive displays. Check out the gallery at

I'm not sure if The Golden Penis is a touch of whimsey or the artiste's accurate rendering of his plentiful manhood! In any case, it is almost an obligation to have your picture taken while seated on those giant golden balls!
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Friday, March 24, 2006

Thank you to the Palace staff and Alexis

To Miguel and Ditmar, bartenders extraordinaire, and Boris, too handsome for his own good, and especially to Alexis and Ian, I send my most royal thanks for treating this Countess to one of the best weekends she has ever spent.

From the minute I walked into The Palace and asked for Alexis, Miguel and Boris were right there to make me comfortable and welcome. Then the next morning Ditmar brought champagne to the breakfast table with such flourish, there was no doubt that his reputation as bartender extraordinaire was well earned. Boris was always asking if I was OK and being taken care of.

Jeremy and the 7th were on hand to make sure that order prevailed for the grand occasion. Even my own knights, Sir Bryan and Sir Brian, performed their duties to perfection. My wedding date, Officer Brian, picked me up at my hotel and was the perfect escort. B&T Mark was the most gallant company on my final night.

I met so many courtiers and I apologize if I don't name everyone but, suffice to say, I truly felt like Alice in Wonderland.


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Monday, March 20, 2006

Congratulations, Alexis and Ian !!

On Saturday night, March 18th, the ceremony began at 9 pm. The room was filled with friends from near and far. Captain Jeremy stood by to do his duties as Best Man. The Bishop read love passages from the writings of Kahlil Gibran. The happy couple exchanged vows and then Groom and Groom shared their first married kiss.

I had to wipe my eyes a few times and so did most of the other guests.
The party continued on until the wee hours of the morning. Much fun, drinking, and palace intrigue were indulged in. The perfect wedding: A poignant ceremony and a fun party.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Alexis and Ian !!

Much Love to you both,

The Countess
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Countess arrives in South Beach!

After many flight delays and various travel snafus, I arrived at the Hotel Victor next to the palace. It is a splendid hotel. Check it out:

I settled into the suite and then went next door to the palace looking for Alexis. No one knew where he was and his cell phone was out of commission but Miguel, the bartender, served a good scotch and so I settled in to wait and see what or who would turn up. I got into a conversation with Paul who turned out to be a bellman at my hotel and a fellow New York City lover. There was a lot of hustle and bustle out on Ocean Drive and the whole scene seemed surreal. Especially the fact that I was there in the first place!

I decided to wander down to The Tides to check it out after leaving a message for Mr. Brian on his cell phone. As I'm standing in front of The Tides my phone rings and I hear: Countess, is that you? But I hear it in my ear and in the air. I look up and see Alexis, Ian, Brian, Jesse, and Mark strolling down the sidewalk and all of them grinning like fools. Brian picks me up and swings me around (and that is a testament to how strong he is!). And so we meet in person! It was so wonderful to finally meet face to face.

I told Alexis and Ian that I had written a little story about them in my Live Journal and they wanted to read it; so here it is:

Internet Romance can have a happy ending!
Once upon a time a countess in a palace in Miami sent out carrier pigeons with messages from her tower. These birds found a resting place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the home of the crown prince, Ian.This is not a fairy tale of olden days. This is a fairy tale of modern times.

Ian is a young gay man from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Two years ago he suffered a stroke which paralyzed his right side. He was a dancer, singer, and actor and his life was totally destroyed. You can read his story here: He is much more eloquent than I.

Suffice to say that Ian is an exceptional person who has worked hard to overcome the tragic circumstances that befell him. Part of his attempt to bring some sanity into his life was the creation of his English Blog. Little did he know how many people he would meet through this journal and how his life would change so dramatically because of it.

Meanwhile in South Beach, Miami, Alexis had created a blog to pass the time and record some of his adventures in the New York society world of the 70's and 80's. The world of Studio 54 and Andy Warhol, fabulous drag queens, Kitty Carlysle, and other icons of the era. Alexis knew them all and partied with them all. He took his camera with him everywhere and accumulated a library of photographic recollections of fabulous parties and fabulous people. You can check out his blog here:

Alexis found Ian's blog just like most of us do these things. You click on one site and find an interesting comment and click on that site, etc. After reading Ian's chronicle of his struggle to overcome his stroke, Alexis wrote a comment in his blog just about one year ago. One thing led to another and over the course of several months, these two unlikely souls fell in love and decided to marry.

This wedding will take place at The Palace, 1200 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, on Saturday, March 18th. I am privileged to be their friend and to be attending this wedding. It is really a modern fairy tale.
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Thursday, March 09, 2006

What to wear? What to wear?

The suitcase is almost packed. The newspapers and mail have been put on hold. Cinderella came in today to do the cleaning and the palace is gleaming. So, what is the problem?

What to wear to the Wedding of the Season!!! That is the problem! Once upon a time 'black tie only' set the tone for the occasion. Does 'black top only' mean a t-shirt or a tuxedo shirt? Can a lady wear a 'little black cocktail dress' or a 'a black beach dress' or shorts and a t-shirt? There used to be rules to follow and now we are all adrift in a sea of fashion faux pas. The suitcase can only hold so many outfits!

Then there are the jewels. Each outfit has its own set of jewelry to complete the picture. This adds to the packing problem!!

Then there is the matter of the pocketbook. Today's lady of society needs the perfect bag to complement the outfit. The bag must hold all of the essentials (makeup, phone, camera, money, credit cards, tissues, gum, candy, Advil....the list goes on and on) and be attractive at the same time. A different pocketbook for each ensemble. How big does this suitcase need to be?

Decisions! Decisions!

ETA....the shoes! Don't forget the shoes! Each outfit has its own shoes!

Oh, Cinderelly, Cinderelly, where are your mice when I need them?

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

6 Days and Counting.....

The Pink Shell, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.

White Sand and Sunshine.

Hunky Cabana Boys bringing Martinis and Coconut Shrimp.

I can't wait!!

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