Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Countess is in New York City!!

Is there a more exciting city in the world than New York City? I love walking up 7th Avenue to the Stage Deli for breakfast. I love picking up a couple of apple crouissants at The Bread Factory. I love strolling along 8th or 9th Avenue and talking to all the wonderful people who populate this neighborhood. I love going downtown to SoHo (that is South of Houston to you philistines) and having dinner at a quaint little bistro with overpriced liquor.

I love going way, way off way an obscure theater featuring a one man show like 'Confessions of a Morman Boy'. Can you fathom the courage it takes to bare one's soul on the New York Stage before a live audience? Steve Fales does. He wrote this show about his own experiences and performed it around the country before coming to New York City. What does that say about courage?

I love coming back to my hotel for a nightcap and getting into the most bizarre discussion with a young black man about his ambitions. He said I should get a commission if he is a success, but you know what? If he is a success, then I am a winner. New York City opens so many doors and closes them too. If I contribute to someone's success, it is a win, win situation.

A situation that I haven't forgotten was the random pick up by Mootsie. Last fall Mootsie stopped my 'cab flag' and asked where I was going. He was driving a black Lincoln Continental, not a 'yellow cab'. My friends didn't want to get into his car but I thought they were foolish. I jumped in and gave Mootsie the directions. Mootsie had a gift of gab and we hit it off. He had dreams and plans and I was happy to listen to him. I gave him some business advice including an innovative way to get attention and sell his business via the internet with a webcam. I am still hoping to see Mootsie on one of my internet sites. I didn't keep his card and I am so sorry about that whenever I am in the city. I would gladly call Mootsie and hire his services to drive me around town. I wish him well whereever he is.

There are seven million stories in The Naked City. This is one of them. DaaaaDaDaDa
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Friday, January 27, 2006

Am I jinxed??

I travel to New York City every other month or so for fun and pure pleasure. Not a set schedule; just when a play or something strikes my fancy, but I am starting to think that I am jinxed. This random pattern of mine is constantly put into the path of obstacles.

I take the train into the city from the Rte 128 depot outside of Boston and I do prefer the Acela (ducks head from the bananas thrown by the peanut gallery). The Acela is a fast train, very modern and quiet, electrical outlets for your computer, and even a solitary computer desk if you can get one. When it actually runs, it is wonderful. This should be a 35 minute ride from my home.

In the past 6 months I have experienced 1) massive traffic jam that took 2 hours to get through, 2) snow storm that was cleared from the highway except for the first 20 miles of my drive; again a 2 hour ride, and 3) Acela train cancelled because a truck took out a portion of their route in NYC.

Since I am supposed to get on the train tomorrow, a reasonable assumption would be that something would go wrong. I checked the weather....sunny skies and relatively mild temperatures expected. I checked the highway construction work being done on the roads I need to travel on. The train is supposed to be on time. What could go wrong?

Silly me!! I went out to do some errands today. Put the key into the ignition and,click,click...light on: Check Engine UhOh!! So first I do the calm thing and call Triple A. They will be here within an hour for a jump or a tow. Does this make me feel good when the Triple A Lady doesn't think they can fix me up? No!

Now I start to get into panic mode. Drag Queens have nothing on moi when technical things don't work. Start up, you fucker! Anyway, I called the car dealer in case I had to be towed in, called the rental car agency in case I had to rent a car, called #1 Son and #1 Daughter to make sure they could drive me to the train if all other plans failed, emailed my NYC friends so they could properly commiserate with my plight, etc., etc, etc.

Fortunately it was only the battery. God bless Triple A!! A jump start and a new battery have improved my travel plans immensely. #1 Son and #1 Daughter are extremely happy that they don't have to change their weekend plans in order to drive me to the train station.

Now if there is only a cab available at Penn Station...(I'm not kidding...last trip I ended up in a bicycle cab with a young man, his luggage, and mine!!)
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back to the Big Apple !!

Looking forward to being in New York City this weekend, taking in a few shows, and seeing my friends.

Saturday night I will finally get to see Altar Boyz. This little gem of a musical comedy has been around for almost a year with great reviews. An original production about 5 small town boys in a boy band in their quest for success.

Sunday afternoon Cynthia Nixon (Sex & The City) and Tyne Daly (Cagney & Lacey, Judging Amy) are starring in "Rabbit Hole". A drama about how a family tragedy changes so many lives.

Sunday night is "Confessions of a Mormon Boy". This is a one man show about a young gay man's journey through excommunication from the Mormon Church, divorce, male prostitution, and drug abuse. Whew! Good thing he turned his life into a comedy act!

The highlight of the trip will be Monday night. Andy Borowitz at Mo Pitkin's. Check out his daily comical political commentary at Andy turns the political topic of the day into a hilarious spoof and sends it to your email 5 days a week. I have been wanting to see his live show for quite awhile but he only appears at Mo's once a month; thus the reason for this trip.

Comic relief is needed this week to take away the cloud of gloom that has descended with:

1) The confirmation of Alito to the Supreme Court.
2) The defense by our president of spying on citizens in the name of "terrorism defense".
3) The fact that the Democrats pontificate and lecture about the criminality of the current administration (witness Harry Reid's speech this week), yet no one pays attention, nevermind bring the president up for impeachment.
4) The election of a conservative government in Canada, even though it is a minority one. Lots of gay friends in the Toronto area are saddened by this turn of events.

But just to offset a little, a bit of happy news:

The Pride Agenda and New York's LGBT community organizations won a solid victory. For the first time in four years, funding targeting critical health and human services needs for LGBT citizens was restored to full funding levels in the Governor's budget. From last year's $1.0 million to this year's $2.373 million.

I support the Empire State Pride Agenda as well as MassEquality in my home state. Both organizations work so diligently for LGBT rights.
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Friday, January 20, 2006

New Year, New Travels

I love to travel!! I can say it again: I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!!

TRIPS PLANNED FOR 2006 (so far...there could be more):

Jan. 27 to 31: Another little sojourn to New York City. See Cynthia Nixon (Miranda in Sex and the City) and Tyne Daly (Cagney & Lacey, Judging Amy) in Rabbit Hole; see Confessions of a Mormon Boy....a gay Mormon boy's road to freedom; see Andy Borowitz at Mo Pitkin's.

March 11-18: Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.....Staying at the Pink Shell on the beach and indulging in some real luxury. Last year for grandson to play in the Collegiate Classic held in Ft. Myers annually. So, a week of sand, sun, and baseball. Total relaxation!!!!

June 11: Albany, NY, Pride Parade. My good friend, Cat, is co-chair of the Pride Celebration in Albany and I want to go out there and support her and all the wonderful people who put so much effort into the annual Pride celebration.

Take the summer off: I have a wonderful sister-in-law, AKA YaYa, who lets me hang out at her resort style pool and hot tub all summer. The hubby, AKA Hunky Pool Boy, makes us exotic drinks and we just float....... oh yeah!

September into October: OK, now the big guns come out! The Trip to Africa, the Dark Continent! Yes, I am off to the wilds of Kenya on a luxury accomodation Walking Tour. This trip is in conjunction with the Bushwise Women of Australia so there will be quite a diversity of nationalities. This is a dream come true for me as I have wanted to go on Safari for a long time.

In between these trips will be little sojourns to NYC, definitely a trip to LA, and I hope a trip to South Beach to attend the Wedding of the Century for my two amigos, Alexis and Ian.

Not to mention that Thanksgiving will probably bring me back to The Cliffhouse Spa in Ogunquit, Maine.

All in all, a year to look forward to.
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