Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Time for a brief update on nothing!

I am an accountant. I do taxes. I do taxes for businesses. I do taxes for family and friends. Taxes take over my life during the month of February. That is all.

Now for the good part. Warnings have gone out. No taxes will be done after March 10th because......drum roll here.......I will be in sunny, warm Florida. Did I mention warm? It has been so cold here for the past several days that it has sunk into my bones and I don't think I will ever be warm again. But I will! In sunny, warm Florida in 10 days.

At Ft. Myers Beach there will be a full week of beach and baseball. My favorite grandson is playing baseball in the College Classic all week and I will be there cheering him on.....in between lounging on the beach, drinking tall cool drinks, and munching on coconut shrimp. Ahhhh, I am starting to feel warm now.

Then it is off to Miami for the Wedding of the Season. Mrs. Astor has pulled out all the stops and the cream of society has been invited to this auspicious occasion. Fashionistas will be touring the salons of haute couture, procuring the latests frocks and jewels. Beauty salons have stopped taking appointments, the demand is so great. Truly an event to be talked about for years to come.....and I will be there!!!!

And it will be sunny. And it will be warm.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The New Society

Once upon a time I lived a rather narrow life with a small circle of family and friends to socialize with. A party with 100 people was considered a huge gathering. Most of the members of my society were family, work friends, neighbors, friends made at clubs, etc. The 'normal' way that friendships became a part of our lives. Unless someone moved away, most relationships were conducted within a small geographic area.

Then, about three years ago, I discovered the internet as a means to socialize. It first began with the Showtime series, Queer as Folk. I watched the show for a couple of years but had very few contemporaries to discuss it with. It is amazing how premium channels have become so commonplace today but, even a few years ago, were considered a luxury. I was looking at the Showtime website one day and noticed a message board. Lo and behold, it was like finding the door in the closet leading to Narnia! I was transported away to a vast and exciting world that had no boundaries. Suddenly I was conversing and trading opinions with people from all over the world!

Since that time I have ventured out into the real world and traveled to meet up with my internet friends. Wonderful people from Australia, Africa, England, Europe, and from all over the United States. My world has expanded so much in these past few years and I have had so many amazing adventures and experiences.

At first my family thought I was nuts. They didn't understand what was going on with me and why I wanted to travel and meet all these 'strange' people. If you aren't involved in blogs or journals, you can't know how easy it is to get to know people. You click on a blog that sounds interesting and then someone comments and you click on their blog. Next thing you contribute to the conversation and voila! You have made a new friend. Just like in life, some stick around and others flit off into cyberspace. You find people you are comfortable with and next thing you know you are trading emails and confidences. The New Society!

This past year I made the acquaintance of The Mrs. Astor. I was turned on to her blog because of the wonderful pictures and stories she told of New York nightlife in the 70's and 80's. She was right in the thick of things and is a master storyteller. She also happens to be a handsome gay man living on South Beach. Now Mrs. Astor is about to embark on a marriage with a handsome sweet Argentinian, Ian. A relationship born in the internet and one bringing two people together from different continents and cultures. It is a beautiful love story and all part of The New Society!
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Snowy Day in New England

I love a fluffy snow storm on a Sunday when my car is tucked safely into the garage, there is food in the fridge, and I don't have to go anywhere.

This is the view from my sunporch this morning. The tennis court is behind these trees but I don't think anyone will be playing today.
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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Teh Gay is Everywhere and Oh So PC!!!!

I was delighted to see that in the latest issue of People Magazine (2/13/06 edition) that a gay novel is the lead recommendation in their Picks and Pans section entitled Great Reads.

Joe Keenan's latest novel "My Lucky Star" gets top mention in this most mainstream of publications. The story is described as a "delirious Hollywood send-up about a closeted action star, his diva mom and a dysfunctional studio exec".

His first novel "My Blue Heaven" is the story about what happens when Philip Cavanaugh, a homosexual and struggling songwriter, becomes embroiled in a scheme by his former lover, Gilbert Selwyn, who plans to marry a wealthy duchess's daughter to reap the wedding gifts. The plot grows more complicated with, among other things, the involvement of the Mafia, the unmasking of the duchess and a rekindled love affair between "Philly" and "Gilley."

In his second novel "Putting on the Ritz" Keenan continues the adventures of Philly and Gilley with a story that revolves around the efforts of songwriters Philip and Claire to compose lyrics and music for the talentless wife of an arrogant real estate magnate while spying on the couple for their friend Gilbert, who is working on an expose of the husband's questionable business dealings.

It used to be that gay novels were sold in the back of the store with plain brown paper wrapped around them. Now they are getting prominent recs from People Magazine!!! That is progress, people!

Now, if you want a fun read, go out and buy these books. Just be prepared to laugh your ass off!
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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Countess is Home!

Now some people might think that home is the place to be. And my home is definitely beautiful. I love my home.

But what does home represent? Today, home is close to my work, family, and normal daily routines. Very comfortable. A good place to be. Tomorrow, I'm not so sure.

I am at a time of life where I am open to so many suggestions of alternative lifestyles. I can go to the South, West, or East. There is something for everyone whereever you go. Why isn't what I have enough? Lots of reasons. People age and change, their families change, your own life changes.

Right now I am home, back at work, and wondering what my next step will be. I am so open right now to all possibilities. I have expanded my horizons. Life is waiting to be explored on the next adventure.
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