Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year !!

I hope everyone is having a fun New Year's Eve tonight. I am just back from a whirlwind weekend in New York City and I think I will stay home and watch the ball drop on TV.
First of all, a big CONGRATULATIONS to the state of New Hampshire. As of midnight tonight civil unions will be legal for same sex couples in that state. Definitely a HAPPY NEW YEAR for many couples.
New York City was packed with people this weekend. Times Square is all ready for the big festivities. Confetti is already flying all over the place.

This is the view of the Empire State Building from my hotel window....

Bryant Park is one of my favorite little places in the city. Located between W40th and W42nd Streets on the Avenue of the Americas, it is a little gem ...

with beautiful shops inside little glass houses......

a skating rink.....

and places to sit and relax even in the middle of winter....

The temperature was in the 40's and 50's. Perfect weather for walking around. After I left the theater Saturday night, I only wore a sweater. It was too hot for a coat. Delightful!
I will post about some of the plays I saw later. Until then....

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Favorite Things - Chapter Two

I'm heading off to New York City tomorrow. Going to celebrate my 65th birthday with friends, go to several plays, eat in some good restaurants, and maybe have a Glenlivet or two.

Lately I've been thinking how lucky I am to have reached this milestone birthday; all the women in my family died at much younger ages for one reason or another. And when I reflect on this, my thoughts always turn to my cousin Carolyn. Carolyn was a beautiful artist, a gourmet chef, a person that everyone loved. She died in May of 2000 at 57 years of age. We were born 3 months apart and lived in the same house until we were 6 years old. That sister bond stayed with us our whole lives and I was at her bedside when she passed away.

So when I look at some of my favorite things in my home, Carolyn's art is always right at the top of the list.

This painting she gave to me when I married my husband, Bob. He never did figure out what it was. Bob liked a horse to look like a horse...hehe. But I loved it and decorated my dining room around the colors in the painting.

Carolyn and several of her artistic friends used to rent a house in Gloucester every summer and paint and cook and paint and cook. These paintings of the front porch looking out to sea always make me smile and remind me of glorious summer days sitting there, drinking a glass of wine, and enjoying just being together.

Here is a picture of the two of us one Thanksgiving when we were younger and beautiful.
So when I raise my glass to toast my birthday, you can be sure that I will add a toast to Carolyn who should be sharing the day with me.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Berkshire memories....continued

I wanted to make sure that my new friend, Chuck from Hancock, got his picture in my blog. After all, I promised!! Chuck told me that he doesn't get out much but he seemed to be having lots of fun at Rumpy's Tavern with The Countess.

Ayla was there....

And so was Travis....

Travis is an Artist in Residence at the Berkshire Theatre Festival and plays several parts in their production of "A Christmas Carol" including The Ghost of Christmas Future.

A very lively group called "Off the Cuff" was playing on Friday night. I promised I'd put their logo up on the blog.

And here are the players.....

I enjoyed your music very much, guys!!

There was a group sitting in the corner and when I went over to take their picture, they told me that the beautiful woman sitting with them was a Swedish rock star and they were there incognito.....they didn't want a rush of paparazzi....(as if the paparazzi even know where the Berkshires are...hehe)

But Swedish Rock Star insisted on having her picture taken with The Countess anyway. Isn't she a beauty?

As I mentioned, the Countess duBarry snuck up behind me while I sat at the bar and totally surprised me. It was the best Christmas present I could receive!

And then there is Troy, bartender extraordinaire, at his command post, the bar at Rumpy's Tavern....

"Your new favorite bar!"
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

I just returned from a wonderful weekend out at the Summer Palace in the Berkshires. There was so much partying and fun going on that I will need a couple of days to recover! First of all it was a scene right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.....

Main Street, Stockbridge, lit up for Christmas. The second story window with the Christmas tree is the site of Norman Rockwell's first studio in Stockbridge.

The Christmas tree at the Red Lion Inn.

And outside the Red Lion, my best pal The Countess duBarry, who came into town to surprise me on Saturday night as I sat at the bar in Rumpy's Tavern.

But let's start at the beginning. Friday night at Michael's is always a big draw for the locals. Karaoke is the big draw and everyone enjoys themselves. I wanted to say "Merry, Merry" to Susan and Melissa who tend bar on Friday's and bring them a little Christmas cheer. Tim, the electrician, stopped in to say hello.
And I had a great time hanging out with Sharon and Meg. They are two of my MySpace friends.

Then off to Rumpy's Tavern to see Troy. Several of my pals from the Berkshire Theatre Festival came in for a drink after doing the evening performance of "A Christmas Carol". This is Gray who plays several parts in the show and also co-directed along with Eric Hill. He has the muttonchop sideburns and mustache for his role.

And the handsome Ricky Fromeyer who plays Young Scrooge.

On Saturday night I was a volunteer usher at the theatre and got to see the production. It is only being performed for a few more days (until December 30th), so get a ticket and go see it if you can. It is a fantastic production. But that is another story.....until then...

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Today another storm has hit New England and "the weather outside is frightful" as the song goes, but last night it was just delightful in Boston as I attended another Christmas party at the Intercontinental Hotel.

A stretch limo picked us up.....

Of course I always get the most handsome waiter. This is Wagner.

And Jay, the bartender at RumBa, was pretty cute too!

We were in the private "Olive Room" at the Miel Restaurant. There was an olive oil room with glass doors that were locked. It was filled with jars and cans of olive oil....all locked up. Would anyone want to steal any? Oh well, the food was delicious. I had lobster ravioli....Yum!

This is the tallest Santa I have ever met. But he promised to bring all the presents on my wish list, IF I was a very good girl this year. You, my faithful readers, know just how good I've been :)

I had a chance to chat with the very beautiful, Emmy winning newscaster, Kim Carrigan. She is as pretty as she is smart. It was a delight to spend some time with her.

I got home well before the storm started. I think we are getting another foot of the white stuff. F**king White Christmas! Bah, Humbug!
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The one where Mark comes to Boston and there is a raging blizzard...

"Hey, Mark, you're going the wrong way!!" Now I ask you....wouldn't you stay in sunny Florida instead of coming to snowy Boston to visit? I know I would. But we were happy to see Mark anyway.

The Norwegian Gem was in the port of Boston on Saturday and Mark got us guest passes to go on board. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at one of the many restaurants on board and then we toured the ship.
Check out the amethyst ceiling in the atrium.

The Countess couldn't resist taking center stage at the Stardust Theater!

In Le Bistro, the French restaurant, there is an original Matisse, "Nude in a Turban".

After we left the ship, we took a stroll through Faneuil Hall Market Place.

There were carolers singing.....and every tourist stops in at the Cheers "Where everybody knows your name" Bar for a cocktail.

Mr. Brian caught up with us there and we had a drink with Norm.

Brian and Mark were sliding on the pavement.....
After a delicious dinner (Thank you, Brian) we headed off to Machine whereThe Gold Dust Orphans were presenting "Silent Night of the Lamb", a black Christmas comedy. If you are in the Boston area and are sick of Jolly, Holly Christmas, get over there and see it. It is hysterical!!

The snow held off until the early morning hours and I was safe at home by then. Thank you Mark and Brian for a wonderful day and night on the town!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fun weekend coming up!

This weekend I will be reunited with two dear friends, Brian and Mark.

Mark is flying up from Miami and we will be guests on the cruise ship, Norwegian Gem. The Gem is on her maiden voyage and is now docked in the Port of Boston.

The Countess is looking forward to seeing my two friends again as well as all the festivities on board the ship!!
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