Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Peter

Happy Birthday,
dear Peter Barry

It was August, 2006, when we first met…..only three years ago. Why does it sometimes feel that I have known you for a lifetime?

You came to the Castle Bedelia with Black & Tan Mark to take me to Ogunquit, Maine. I always love to hear your version of the day we met…….The Countess was the old lady with the dolls and …. What were you going to do with her in Ogunquit? You can read about our historic meeting HERE.

And here we are with Mark and Brian the morning the Front Porch bar where we met up with DungeonMaster Tim....

After our fun in Ogunquit that weekend, we became fast friends and have lasted through thick and thin ever since.

From Halloween parties in South Beach.......

And brunch parties at the Ritz Carlton.....

To polo parties in Newport......

To mayhem and mischief in the Berkshires......

We have had a great time always. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Defenders (2009)

Just had to get this on my blog. Thank you to Joe.My.God for bringing this to my attention and for the best blog coverage of gay issues.

If my own two marriages had been put up for scrutiny, we would have been tossed aside in just the way this video shows. It really isn't a question of who has a perfect union; just who wants to commit to a union at all.

Love shouldn't be legislated; but if it is, it should be EQUAL!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day weekend in New England....

The Countess started her holiday weekend Friday night at a reunion of The Boys Club of the Berkshires at, where else, Rumpy's Tavern. I forgot a couple of the names but Davo is there, Bob & Pete, and The Saint.

Kevin and Morgan from Kripalu popped in for a cocktail and became new members of the Rumpy's Family.....the bar where everyone knows your name!

Black and Tan Mark flew in from Miami on Saturday and wanted to be taken immediately to Rumpy's Tavern. I sadly had to tell him that Troy didn't open the bar for another couple of hours. We managed to pass the time having cocktails on the deck. Finally we could go to Rumpy's where Troy welcomed Mark with open arms and a very large Ketel and soda!

After a delicious dinner from the Rumpy's Tavern menu, Mark and I were off to the theater.

Saturday night was Opening Night for "Faith Healer" in the Unicorn Theatre at Berkshire Theatre Festival. When I talked with Keira Naughton, who plays Grace, a couple of weeks before, she had described the beautiful language that the play uses to tell its story; and I found this to be true. The character accents allow the words to sort of roll off their tongues to make a beautiful sound. I wish I could describe it better but just go see it and you will know what I mean. It is playing until July 4th. You can read a review of the play in Edge Boston.

ETA: Jeffrey Borak, in his review of the play for The Berkshire Eagle, puts into words exactly what I was trying to convey about the language: "This is a strong, effective ensemble propelled by Friel's extraordinary linguistic gifts — his deep understanding of words, their rhythms, nuances and meanings and what those words, rhythms, nuances and meaning reveal, and don't reveal."

I am happy to say that Mark enjoyed the play as much as I did. When he was visiting last Memorial Day, we went to see The Caretaker at the Unicorn Theater and he is still talking about how outstanding that production was.

After the play we returned to Rumpy's to enjoy the wonderful music of Tony Lee Thomas and Jason Maley.

Linda, Jeanne, and Patty were having a good time. Linda is having her birthday party at Rumpy's on 7/11. Everyone is invited!!

Who knew that Steve was so tall? Until he posed with Mark and then Davo!

What would Memorial Day weekend be without the traditional cookout? Cindy, the Queen of the Bar, put out a fantastic feast for us.

Since The Countess doesn't cook and it was the servants day off, I brought the hostess her favorite drink.....along with her old crown.....

Troy and his partner, Andrew, were among the guests.....

After the cookout Mark, Steve, and I went over to the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge to see Liam Geddes, the Irish Idol, perform. His equipment kept cutting out on him and he decided to sing 'Danny Boy' a cappella. WHAT.A.TREAT. This kid has a fantastic voice. You can hear him on YouTube HERE. And, for the record, here he is with The Countess.....

Mark had never been to the Red Lion Inn so Steve and I took him on a little tour ending with a rocking chair on the porch; something every tourist has to do.....

The next day was the Memorial Day parade to honor our veterans and to show off the townsfolk! The Countess was especially taken by this old fire engine......

Then Mark helped me set up my Ipod that he had gifted me with when I was down in Florida. Thank you so much Mark! I love all my new music!!
Another fun weekend has come and gone. Thanks, Mark, for visiting and sharing it with me. Next weekend.....the return of the Countess duBarry! Stay tuned!!!!!!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Last New York City trip until the fall....

New York skyline from the train.

The Countess saw "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: The Concert Version" on Tuesday night. I'd advise you to see it but it is Sold Out until it's run ends this Sunday. James Barry, who will be acting in "The Einstein Project" at the Berkshire Theatre Festival this summer, was one of the featured performers. James was fantastic....really getting his 'rock god' on!!! That is James in the tan jacket in the middle of this cast picture....

On Wednesday "Our Hit Parade" was once again being performed at Joe's Pub with the incredible Bridget Everett running the show....

My darlings, Matt and Jenn, performed "I Hate this Part" by the Pussy Cat Dolls.....

We had a great group at our table including Mark and Andy......

Two dear friends from the Berkshires who are now working and living the dream in NYC, Tim and Stephanie, came to see the show....

Jenn and Matt sat at the table after their act and posed with Phillip. Phillip will be appearing in MacBeth in NYC this summer so go and see him!

The Countess met the famous videographer, Russ Turk, who videos all the performances. He was showing off his Charles Nelson Reilly shirt! You can see the whole show on Russ' YouTube site HERE.

Lady Rizo was also in the show. Her real name is Amelia......and you know what happens when Amelia meets Bedelia! The stars are in alignment!!

After the show The Countess went partying with Bridget and a few other pals and lost her iphone! Unfortunately it was not returned to me the next day like my camera was the last time I was in New York City. Alas!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

New York City rallies for gay marriage...


Go HERE to read Joe.My.God's write up, see his fabulous pictures of the event, and more links to other sites. Thanks, Joe! You always have the best coverage.

The New York Times coverage is HERE.

Several of my friends were there yesterday supporting this important issue. The Countess was with them in spirit.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A sliver of my life...

Bridget Everett (star of "At least its Pink" and featured in the movie "Sex in The City") is the fabulous New York City Diva who is performing shows all over the city. She regularly performs her shows "Sideshow" at the Ritz Bar on Sunday night and "Our Hit Parade" about once a month at Joe's Pub.

The Countess was amused at our exchange on Facebook tonight:

Bridget Everett is super excited about sideshow tonight @ the ritz. sweetie, jenn harris, amber martin and me. free!!!

Countess Bedelia at 3:53pm May 17
Tell Giovanni, the bartender, that The Countess says 'Hey".

Bridget Everett at 4:04pm May 17
i'll be sure to send gio your love. he'll love that!

CountessBedelia at 4:13pm May 17

CountessBedelia at 4:14pm May 17
Oh and tell him that Jenn found my camera!!!

Funny story: A month or so ago, The Countess was at the Ritz Bar to see Bridget & Co perform at Sideshow.....The Countess might have been a tad overserved by Gio....the very hot bartender! and I forgot my camera when I left the bar. The next night I was at a friend's birthday party dinner and my camera appeared!!
Apparently several people noticed it sitting on the table at the Ritz and said "That's the Countess' camera!" Only in New York City, people, only in New York!!!
Go and see one of Bridget's shows in will have a fabulous time and see a true DIVA!!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Things to do this weekend in the Boston area...

One of the best theaters on the North Shore is the Stoneham Theatre. They have a variety of theater productions to attract a diverse audience. Their current production is "Strangers on a Train" directed by Weylin Symes and starring Robert Serrell and Jonathan Popp. The Countess has a particular affection for Robert Serrell because I have enjoyed his many performances at the Berkshire Theatre Festival. He is getting rave reviews for his current role as Bruno, such as this one from the Boston Herald:

"Symes’ greatest asset in this production is Serrell. His Bruno is a shaky, cackling, dangerous ball of neuroses, a maniacal manipulator in the vein of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Serrell infuses his performance with equal parts charisma and desperation, and it’s continually fascinating to watch."

Jonathan Popp and Robert Serrell

Strangers on a Train ends its run on May 24th so you still have time to catch a performance.

Next up for The Countess is the Women in Comedy Festival presented by Improv Boston at the ImprovBoston Theater in Cambridge. Two fabulous women that I adore have a wonderful show that they have developed over the years, "Two Girls for Five Bucks", and they will be giving workshops and a performance in the festival. You can check out my blog about their New York City Show here.

Daiva Deupree and Cathleen Carr performing at Ars Nova in New York City

The Principessa and The Countess will be attending!

Then The Countess will be off to New York City to see "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" at the Public Theater, another fun night at "Our Hit Parade" at Joe's Pub, and whatever else we can find to have fun, mischief, and cause a little mayhem during our travels!!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Richie duPont Award Benefit

Last year The Countess got involved in the Richie duPont Award benefit. It was such a fun night and benefited a good cause, "BTF Plays". We were happy to continue our involvement this year. We were able to book the Tony Lee Thomas Band for the party. Firefly, a fabulous restaurant in Lenox, MA, donates the space and provides delicious hors-d'oeuvres courtesy of the beautiful owner, Laura. It was another fabulous party!!

Ryan came up from New York City to act as Master of he catches up with Peter Barry, our very dear friend from Newport....

The divine Keira Naughton who is starring in the Berkshire Theatre Festival production of "Faith Healer" stopped by to show her support and pose for a picture with BTF Artist-in-Residence, Andrew...

BTF Producer Extraordinaire, Liz, brought one of her best friends, Meghan....

Sir Stew and Steve tried to stretch but Alex proved to be taller than both of them.....

My dear friend, David Winn, from the Boston Symphony organization, and Kate Maguire, the artistic director of BTF, posed with The Countess....

The benefit was a great success and a fun night. Thank You to the duPont family, the BTF staff, everyone who donated a silent auction item, and all my friends who came out to support us. If you weren't there last Saturday, I hope that we will see you at next year's party!!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Riding the shortbus with Sir Stew

When Sir Stew, First Knight of the Berkshires, rides into town, everyone better run for cover. If he brings his sistah, Les, with out!!!

It all started on Thursday night at Rumpy's Tavern.......

Sir Stew introduced Les to The Countess....

Of course we hit it off and mayhem ensued! Prince Troy was ever vigilant at the bar....

But even Troy could not control the tsunami that Sir Stew boiled up during his visit. There was an irate father defending his home with a broom, people hiding in the bushes from the palace guards, and occasional lapses into nudity. Oh My!

Steve and his friend Harry tried to avoid being drawn into the maelstrom but it was a losing battle....

The next night found us at Michael's in Stockbridge. The Countess duBarry had blown into town in her hearse......we haven't figured out if she is alive or dead at this point.....she keeps resurrecting herself...Anyway if she wasn't dead yet, she might want to commit suicide after the video of her singing karaoke is published on YouTube.....

Sir Stew sang a tender ballad in honor of The Countess.....

And the late Countess duBarry (looking very much alive) posed for a Court portrait with The Countess....

All in all, it was a bumpy shortbus ride and we hadn't even arrived at the duPont benefit the following night......Stay tuned!!!!!!

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