Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New gig....Red Carpet Hostess

Joan Rivers is appearing at our theater this Friday, May 10th.  We are having a Red Carpet extravaganza before the show complete with paparazzi and....."The Countess Bedelia" is the hostess and celebrity interviewer.

Check out all the festivities at the Berkshire Theatre Group.

I have been getting so many offers for couture fashions and custom jewels that my head is spinning!! 

Fortunately the Countess has already assembled a wardrobe that is the envy of socialites everywhere and the Countess jewels have attained legendary status....

Looking forward to interviewing you all on the Red Carpet!

Tonight's the night!!  Security has given me a code word:  COTUS  (Countess of the United States).  Let the fun begin!!

AND......Here I am with my handsome dates for the evening, Troy (the manager of Rumpy's Tavern) and his partner Jon.....

I must have had my picture taken with about 200 patrons in a 2 hour period.  I have renewed respect for Joan Rivers on the Red Carpet.  It is a lot of work!!  Fortunately I had several assistants bringing me glasses of Glenlivet to keep my energy up.  Seriously it was a lot of fun....and my jokes got some big laughs.  Joan's show was as fabulous as she is.  She looked wonderful.  A memorable evening for sure.
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