Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer in the Berkshires continues.....

Once again my fun-loving friends and I practically took over Michael's bar in Stockbridge, sang karaoke, danced, and had a great time!

I love that the gang from the Berkshire Theatre Festival show up after the play. In the front row of this picture is Austin Durant who played Chief Bromden in "Cuckoo's Nest", the handsome and adorable Ricky Fromeyer, and Dale, who is the BTF house manager. Dale really belted out a song that night....great voice!

Your Countess had not one, but two songs dedicated to her. One of them was sung by this cutie, Cosimo, who is the cook at the BTF rehearsal facility.

Cosimo came up to me and asked me if I recognized him. I had to say that I truly didn't remember him until I noticed his eyes. When I first met him a week ago, he was dressed like this.

Of course Cat immediately got all his info so that she can put him in one of the drag shows next year at Capital Pride. Cat is not one to let opportunity pass her by!!
The Countess will be back for opening night this Friday of "Mornings at Seven" and that means that bartenders in three towns are restocking their supplies of Glenlivet in anticipation!!
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bennett is on his way !!

The very talented singer, Bennett Harrington, has two return engagements this weekend.

He will be appearing this Saturday, July 28th, at Mirabar in Providence, RI, and then back at the Piedbar in Provincetown, MA, on Sunday, July 29th.

Go to see him if you can. He is fantastic!

You can hear his music on his MySpace Page.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bible Action Figures....Redux

Black and Tan Mark made a comment on my previous post about these figures which is worthy of a post all on its own. So today he is our guest columnist.

First, credit to the author....

Then, to refresh your memory, the action figures....

B&T Mark's comments:

Random thoughts, as suggested by the hunky boys:

1) "What do you mean, you forgot our anniversary?!?"

2) Greco-roman wrestling doesn't get enough television airtime;

3) Big hands, big feet = big gloves, big boots;

4) 13" posable action figures. Wow. 13 inches.

5) If clothes make the man, what do leather straps imply?;

6) Steroids were always a problem, even in biblical times;

7) Ventilated in the back. How convenient.

8) Samson couldn't cut his hair lest he lose his strength. Does that mean waxing is out?;

9) Please, please, please let them be anatomically correct. GI Joe left me wanting;

10) "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" didn't work then, let alone now.

Thanks so much, Mark. You started my day off with a laugh!!!
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Good News from Mass Equality !!!

Dear Countess,

In a statement released this evening, the leading marriage equality opponents, VoteonMarriage.org and the Massachusetts Family Institute, stated that they will not attempt to re-introduce an anti-gay amendment for the 2010 ballot. If no other group advances a petition, the earliest a new amendment could be put on the ballot is 2012.
This is terrific news. Our opponents recognize what we have known for awhile: support for marriage equality is strong, and support for taking it away is dwindling -- both in the legislature and in the public at large.

At the same time, our opponents also made clear that they are not going away. Their stated plan now is simple: to reverse the gains we have made in the Legislature by replacing pro-equality legislators with officials who would seek to take the right to marry away from same-sex couples.
What does that mean for us? If we are going to continue to keep marriage equality safe in Massachusetts, we need to do everything we can to protect our pro-equality legislators and continue to increase our pro-equality margin in the State House.

We need to support those legislators who voted with us -- with our time, with our money, and, on Election Day, with our votes.

Please keep an eye out for future updates on ways you can help protect marriage equality in Massachusetts by supporting pro-equality candidates and incumbents.
In the meantime, if your legislator was one of the
151 who voted with us on June 14th, please take a moment to thank him or her if you haven't already.

Marc Solomon, Campaign Director

Next state to allow gay marriage will be New York. Support the Empire State Pride Agenda.
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According to this article at FOXNews.com, Walmart is going to be selling faith based toys from Tales of Glory.

No Glory Holes were mentioned in the article but what does this picture make you think of?

I can just picture all the different positions that these naughty little children will think up for these hunky warriors.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The reviews are in!

"One Flew Over The Cuckoo' Nest"
at the
Berkshire Theatre Festival
is getting rave reviews!

Randy Harrison and Jonathan Epstein from BTF press photos

From Variety:

"Randy Harrison gives a rich and poignant perf as the stammering, cowering Billy Bibbit. Harrison builds a well modulated arc as Bibbit gradually finds the nerve, inspired by McMurphy, to stand up for himself, only to unravel under Ratched's chilling threats."

From the Albany Times Union:

"From an acting standpoint what might be most impressive is the performance Hill draws from Randy Harrison. It's Harrison's third year with the festival and he has finally shone with the brightness he's been suggesting all along. He is perfect as the virginal wreck, Billy Bibbitt."

From Berkshire Art Reviews:

"Among the inmates who stand out, although each is a successfully developed character, no matter how many lines he may have, are Randy Harrison, the tortured teen-ager Billy Bibbit who can never please his mother, who stutters his words, and cannot be saved."

And my dear Stewie got a good mention:

Tommy Shrider, Stew Nantell, & Randy Harrison from BTF press photos

"Even a small, without lines role, such as that of Ruckly, played by Stew Nantell, crucified on his wall, is memorable."

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fun In the Country

You might remember my post in June about seeing "Love!Valour!Compassion!" and meeting the very handsome Ricky Fromeyer who played Ramon in that production. Ricky must have fans all over the country because my blog was hit with many, many Google searches looking for him. So here is a picture for all his fans.

My buddy, Stew Nantell, has a part in the current production at the Berkshire Theatre Festival, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". He plays an inmate in the asylum with one line of dialog, "Fuck 'em all!" repeated several times. But mostly he stands against the back wall with his hands up in a crucifix position. This is very difficult to sustain for long periods and he said he is getting new arm muscles as a side benefit of performing the role.

To look at this picture you would think that Stew and I had coordinated our outfits.

There was a fun party after the Opening Night performance and I had a chance to talk with a lot of old and new friends. The next night we were doing karaoke at Michael's. If you scroll down the photos for 7-14-07, you will see your Countess on stage with several amazing women singing "I Will Survive". Michael's will never be the same!!!
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Countess has left the building.....

Yes, I have gone to the Wild West of Massachusetts known as "The Berkshires" to visit friends, enjoy cultural pursuits, and see my friends.

Randy Harrison is starring with Jon Epstein in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"...

As Billy Bibbitt (a role made famous initially by none other than Gene Wilder on Broadway)...

A role that he will make his own like he did with Alan Strang in Equus and Mozart in Amadeus. If you ever have the privilege of seeing him perform on stage, you will see magic before your very eyes.

And, as a special added attraction, my dear friend Stew has a featured role as an inmate in the asylum. That's Stew in the background behind Jon Epstein.

Stew recently sent me a letter addressed to "The Countess Bedelia" on which the postman wrote "????????" but still delivered it to me....heeee!
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby Beamer has a BooBoo!

A couple of months ago I was feeling a little bit down about the Empty Nest Syndrome. And I said to myself: "Self, you need a baby to love and nurture." Just about that time, a little postcard arrived in the mail from the local BMW dealer and on the front, in living color, was my Baby.

She is beautiful, doesn't need a lot of maintenance, and once she is tucked into her bed in the garage, you never hear a peep out of her. It was a match made in BMW heaven.

Then, on a routine trip through the local bank drive up window, the person in front of me decides to back up......without looking at whoever might be behind them! And Bang! .... Baby Beamer got a BooBoo! A nice little dent in the bumper!

Poor Baby has now had her trip to the ER, a visit with the auto body doctor, and lots of TLC from Momma.

This might seem like a trivial post when Paris Hilton has had to endure jail, Lindsey is in rehab, and Nick Lachey is looking for his nude photos, but we all have our level of triviality to live up to. Baby Beamer is mine.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

House of Bedelia Crown Jewels

The Mrs. Astor has threatened to call out the Council of Countesses to pass judgement on the newest bit of bling in the Castle Bedelia. This tiara was given to me by none other than my first knight, Officer Brian, on the occasion of King Ditmar's visit to the land of Bedelia.

Not only does it have the finest diamonds, rubies, and topaz but IT LIGHTS UP! Mrs. Astor was aghast! (I think she is just jealous!)

The threat of censure by the Council made me think about my other jewels and what would become of them someday. Will my heirs auction them off like Princess Maria Gabriella of Italy has recently been forced to do in order to pay the tax man? Just in case, I thought I would exhibit them here.

The Jeweled Slipper....

The Royal Scepter....

The Blue Sapphire Collection....

The Royal Crown of Bedelia....

And just to show that Royalty has not gone out of fashion just yet, here is the Countess Bedelia leading the Court at the Palace.

(Please note that not a drop of scotch was spilled during this parade!)
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Friday, July 06, 2007

Help Wanted: Condom Testers

According to this A/P news article:

"Company advertises for condom testers"

an Australian company is looking for 200 men to test their products. No pay, but you will get

"a pack of Durex sex products, a chance to win 1,000 Australian dollars ($857 U.S.), plus professional prestige".

If you receive enough condoms, maybe you can make a dress like this enterprising gentleman did...

Let me know if any of you are lucky enough to be judged as an "expert" condom tester.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fireworks are over....time to get back to work

Joe Solmonese from the Human Rights Campaign sent me this message to pass on to my friends and so I am sending it out to the blogosphere:

Did you know that in 31 states, it's perfectly legal to fire someone for being gay? Or that in 39 states it's legal to fire someone for being transgender?
I found it pretty hard to believe. Here we are in the 21st century, in a country that prides itself on equal opportunity, and millions of Americans can be denied a job or fired - not for poor performance, but for simply being themselves.
I just took action with the Human Rights Campaign to end this appalling injustice. I hope you'll join me today, by sending a message to your lawmakers in Congress urging them to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which will make this kind of discrimination illegal once and for all.
It's easy. To take action, go to:

Email your representatives and senators and tell them to support ENDA. And pass this on to your friends and ask them to do the same.
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And long may she wave.....

Happy Fourth of July!

I thought about doing a whole political rant in this post but then I thought about the fact that I CAN do political rants at all. At least that hasn't been taken away from us yet.

So, in spite of the fact that the leadership in Washington has taken the country to its worst place in history, I am proud to be a citizen of the United States. I remain optimistic that all wrongs will be righted and harmony will reign throughout the land.

But first we must revolt against King George. Wait...didn't we do that in 1776?

Or is it Queen Georgette.....Hmmmm ....Marie Antoinette had her head chopped off.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Beverly Sills, (1929 -2007) passed away today.

She was a magnificent coloratura soprano who rose through the ranks of opera to become the General Manager of the New York City Opera and then Chairman of the Metropolitan Opera. That is true royalty, IMO.

I first saw Bubbles many years ago when she performed for the Boston Opera Company which was under the direction of Sarah Caldwell. She was fantastic!

But I think mainstream America first knew her because of her television appearance with Carol Burnett, "Sills & Burnett at The Met".

This woman was a true legend. It's people like her that make the current fascination with celebutantes like Paris Hilton such a sad commentary on American culture.
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bennett Harrington triumphs in Providence!

You heard it here first, folks. Bennett is on his way!
We had a great time at the Mirabar in Providence, RI, watching Bennett open the show for Danielle Bollinger.

The Countess duBarry, Sir James, and I went to dinner at a great Italian restaurant, Zooma. The food was wonderful! After a delicious dinner and a couple of Glenlivets, we headed over to the Mirabar.

The Countess duBarry and Sir James at Mirabar....

I met up with a beautiful lady, Rachel...

Here is Bennett singing his signature song, "Paint This Town!"...

The crowd loved him. Bennett stayed for over two hours signing autographs.

He is doing this again tomorrow night at Piedbar in Provincetown, MA. If you are out there in Provincetown, be sure to go over and see the show.
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