Monday, October 16, 2006

Road Trip!!

Tomorrow the Countess is traveling down the highway to Albany, New York. The home of Capital Pride.

My gal Cat, who is on the board of the Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Council in Albany, will be giving a speech at the annual dinner. So the Countess will be in attendance as Chief Cheerleader!

You might remember my post on August 21 of this year when I told Cat's story. She took a long time to come out of the closet but she hasn't looked back since. Cat gives so much of her time and energy to promoting LGBT rights and working with the Community Council as well as the time involved in organizing the annual Pride Parade as co-chair. (And we are still hoping to get The Fab Five as Grand rock, Kyan!)

Not only do I have Bennett's demo cd to rock on down the road to, I also have the Scissor Sisters new CD, Ta - Dah, to keep me company. I'll be bopping to "I don't feel like dancing" as I drive down the I90. And if I get pulled over for speeding, I'll just drop Officer Brian's name and see where that gets me.
Countess Bedelia 10/16/2006 08:21:00 PM


Officer Brian won't have the custom-made eyeglasses now in my possesion to save you.
Honey, you know what to say if you get pulled over! rhymes with Rhinestone....

Mrs. Astor - I have heard about these magical sunglasses. They are supposed to ward off all evil spells and peasant uprisings.

Brian - Be warned! duBarry has dispatched the Death Squad because of that little hint you dropped. He did say he would have to kill us!!
Chief Cheerleader!

I gotta see that

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