Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Maurice Peterson Show and more.....

Last night at Rumpy's Tavern was the debut of Star Catcher, Maurice Peterson's new revue. I had met Maurice during the summer and caught his show one night. He has a great voice and many amusing anecdotes to tell of his brush with the stars as a performer, writer, and producer. He packed the room and everyone seemed to really enjoy his show.

Especially Todd and Kate from New York City. They liked it so much that Todd went back to his hotel to get his video camera to record the second show.

Todd likes to kiss!

Radu from Romania was having fun at the bar!

Donna and Cindy, aka The Queen of the Bar, were having fun with The Countess.

The famous artist, Michael Allen Lowe, stopped by to say hello.

My beautiful friend Troy held court at the bar.

I still love him even though my portrait is gracing the Ladies Room, right next to the hand that holds the paper towels down.

Troy's other half, Andrew, stopped in for awhile. Andrew is the very handsome proprietor of The Harrison House, a spectacular Bed & Breakfast Inn in Lenox.
Check out his Mama's Kitchen for some good recipes.
Next weekend The Countess arrives on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, for fun when the sun goes down! Halloween Week on South Beach promises to be a week of parties, dinners, seeing old friends and making new ones. There is always a lot to blog about; just ask my dear friend, "the" Mrs. Astor.

Countess Bedelia 10/21/2007 08:47:00 PM


Unless you are going as Dale Evans, please leave the pink cowboy hat in Transylchusetts. I wouldn't want you mistaken for Paul Lynde in drag.
Now, now, Mrs. Astor. I was thinking more of Roy Rogers in drag. My pink cowgirl hat has The Countess Crown on it. How cute is that?!?

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