Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Xingu and the Tanglewood Stage Hand Band !!

The Countess is a founding member of the Wharton Salon.....a new theatrical group dedicated to performing Edith Wharton's plays in Edith Wharton's home, The Mount. The woman to whom all the credit goes for making this dream a reality is Catherine Taylor Williams. Catherine and her co-producer Lauryn Franzoni worked tirelessly for months to bring the first production to fruition. Finally on a beautiful summer evening the invited dress rehearsal began. The creme de la creme of Berkshire theatrical society was in attendance. A hush descended over the audience as the play began.....XINGU came alive! A drawing room comedy performed in the drawing room where it was created.

Xingu is a most amusing short story and you can read it HERE. The adaptation by Dennis Krausnik brought the story to life.

The performance was a triumph and it was a homecoming of sorts for many of the actors. Years ago The Mount was home to Shakespeare & Co. and many of the actors and guests had worked and lived there back then. Later in the evening many glasses were raised in toasts to so many artists who have worked and contributed to the wonderful artistic culture that we take for granted in the Berkshires today.

Later in the week I took 15 of the Berkshire Theatre Festival acting apprentices to see a performance of "Xingu". We were privileged to have a talk back after the performance with all the actors and Dennis Krausnik who wrote the adaptation of the play. I'll quote from a card I received from one of the apprentices:


Thank you so much for including the apprentices in Xingu today! It was great to see Edith Wharton's work produced in her home and exciting to see actors have the opportunity to be instantly transported to the world of the play. The talkback was an added bonus!

When you have reached the great old age of The Countess, nothing makes you feel younger than to look at the world through the eyes of youth. The enthusiasm of all of our acting apprentices makes me feel young again and very happy to know them. They are all special, each and every one.

When the play and the festivities were over, The Countess felt so young and rejuvenated that I had to continue the party at Rumpy's Tavern with the Tanglewood Stage Hand Band.
These guys are so talented and have created a great sound...and they are a pick up band working the day job at that nirvana of music, Tanglewood.

The Countess enjoyed their sound so much, I am thinking of booking them for a gig. Just think about it....4 horns, guitars, drums....and vocals! What a sound!! Look at the horn section....

They had The Countess up dancing....

Unfortunately the night was so humid that the air conditioning was dripping on Davo and The Countess. But Prince Troy provided us with an umbrella to keep dry indoors!

What a night! Hope to see you all at next summer's Wharton Salon productions.
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